Friday, August 17, 2007


The real sense of the work addiction is the escape from intimacy and feelings of emptiness that endanger the family life.
As it’s difficult to detect it, sometimes it can only be noticed after the appearance of physical symptons like dream’s problems, hypertension, rheumatic upsets and muscular diseases, vascular upsets, angina pectoris, infarct or nowrishing disorder. Other factors are inefficiency and stress.
A workaholic is a person who is constantly in a hurry, always busy or doing many tasks permanently. It’s mainly an adicction to action.
This adicction can be revealed during the holidays when you have enough free time which favors the appearance of abstinence symptons such as anxiety, insomnia and anguish. Then you begin to feel this as something threatening.

Nora Anzilutti - Laura Nievas

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