Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007


-Suppose a person you know, tells you that he/she is an addict. What can you do to help him?
-Find information about different kinds of addictions in http://www.addictions.co.uk/.
-Make a campaign to inform your classmates about addictions

Saturday, August 18, 2007


The compulsive buyers spend their money because they feel the necessity to ligthen the stress. Then they feel guilty and have to fight with their family for the excessive costs.
The main characteristics are:
-Have debts.
-Buy to enjoy themselves.
-Get a lot of the similar object.

Anabella Benincasa – Jésica Sujka.

Friday, August 17, 2007


The real sense of the work addiction is the escape from intimacy and feelings of emptiness that endanger the family life.
As it’s difficult to detect it, sometimes it can only be noticed after the appearance of physical symptons like dream’s problems, hypertension, rheumatic upsets and muscular diseases, vascular upsets, angina pectoris, infarct or nowrishing disorder. Other factors are inefficiency and stress.
A workaholic is a person who is constantly in a hurry, always busy or doing many tasks permanently. It’s mainly an adicction to action.
This adicction can be revealed during the holidays when you have enough free time which favors the appearance of abstinence symptons such as anxiety, insomnia and anguish. Then you begin to feel this as something threatening.

Nora Anzilutti - Laura Nievas

Thursday, August 16, 2007


This addiction is very common in our society. It affects young and old people. But, actually young people are becoming more and more addicted to alcohol.
This is because of the social context our society is living.
This addiction is very dangerous for our body. It affects our mind and our system. Excessive alcohol can kill us. We must stop drinking, this is the first step in the fight against alcoholism.

Stella Corbo
Ailén Tripicchio


The gambling addicts escape from the reality when they are playing. They live in a world of risks and fantasies .
To be a compulsive player can be catastrophic, not only thy are affected, thir family are also. Their obligations begin to increse, because they lose money. Then they start to be depressed because they feel fault and they can`t find solution on their own, and they begin to have more and more problems.
This addiction has a solution, the victim can return to his normal and happy life because the treatment is highly effective.

Agustina Moretti; Keila Gomar.


Like all the addictions, gambling implies to escape from reality. Several events happen and this can lead us to take the risk and the fantasy that surrounds gambling.
The consequences of this addiction can be catastrophic: The debts and the loans increase putting in risk the life of the person, their family and friends.
The addiction is accompanied by high levels of guilt, shame and remorse. The person who suffers from this addiction is unable to find a solution by himself, but this problem can finish with the rigth treatment. In this way, the addict will be able to be happy again and recover his normal life.

Belen Nonini, Veronica La Rosa